Bhujanga Sangha is a Kirtan project formed by engineer/kundalini teacher Scott Anthony and vocalist Rivka, with violinist Emilio Zef China and composer/lyricist Mike iLL of early 90’s Warner brothers art rock band, Sweet Lizard Illtet. Emilio and Mike grew up together in Hoboken, NJ. Significant musical influences were afro-latin, free jazz, fusion, folk, dub, industrial, minimalism, hip-hop and of course pop. Rivka is a decade younger and discovered everything outside of the Hassidish religious repertoire through secret, disobedient explorations of the NYC radio dial. Nine Simone is an an artistic hero we share.

A Little History

Arjan Singh Portrait
Scott Anthony (AKA Arjan Singh) sat calmly at the center of the creative tornado, assembling a cohesive sculpture of the swirling ghosts, foliage, screaming animals and machine parts.

Bliss is the common goal. It started at a party – some extended family affair. We’ve all been into yoga for years. “We’re thinking of making a chant record.”, “I’ve always want to make a chant record.”, “That sounds awesome. We should do it.” And it was decided. We got together for a few days at Temple of Wow in Florida. There were about twenty chants. Eleven recordings emerged, nine of which “worked”.

And thus was born the first release from Bhujanga Sangha: Naad Your Heart.